Flying In The Security Theater

I haven’t flown since these policies were put into place, so let me be state early that I cannot speak from my own experience. (I’m sure when that changes you will hear all about it) What I can comment on however, is being treated like a criminal when there is no evidence. I hate people asking for my receipt when walk 15 yards from a register to a door leaving a retailer, and I detest the notion of other people looking under my clothes or touching my person in the name of “protection” and safety. I go to a lot of large music concerts, and yes I understand the need to search for contraband and alcohol brought in from the outside however never in my years of attending these and similar events have I seen a widespread complaint, let alone entire movements outlining overarching privacy concerns and sentiments of widespread feelings of violation. Wasting my time and destroying my privacy and assuming I’m a hellbent terrorist until proven otherwise does not make me feel safer. Innocent until proven guilty, unless you want to board this plane.

I’m not going to get into a long tirade about the nebulous health issues regarding the use of backscatter radiation to screen passengers or widespread groping occurring¬†in our nation’s airports. These topics have been covered at great length by numerous other more informed and reputable sources than myself. I would however like to take a moment to at least bring the issue to light here and provide some links to some informative websites and groups that are mobilizing travelers, airline employees, and concerned citizens alike as encouragement to readers to take advantage of their voice, and experience the benefits of observing successful efficacy. It’s about time the notions of “social networking” and “crowd sourcing” were leveraged to bring about some substantial and relevant change within society.

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If anybody has their own stories or opinions to share here, I’d love to hear some first-hand accounts (no pun intended) in the comments if you feel so inclined. Oh the TSA also runs a blog, while not highly informative they have at least have an Agency approved troll thread

Edit: Thanks to my good friend @chumprock over on Twitter for linking an article from Jeffrey Goldberg posted this time two years ago outlining just how easy these ‘rules’ are to circumvent

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2 thoughts on “Flying In The Security Theater

  1. September 11, 2001 changed everything. Sure, that statement is obvious, but necessary to our flight security, our human & personal rights and the conveniences travelers used to enjoy on September 10, 2001 and dates preceding. I fly on a frequent basis (at least 5 times a month) and i have learned to adjust to constantly changing security measures….wands, to metal detectors, bodyscanners to x-rays. Although I believe some of these measures might be a slight overreaction, without other less intrusive measures, the status quo might be the best solution.


  2. I’m glad someone who flies regularly chimed in here, and honestly I have no problem with programs that help assure the safety of American citizens however I’m not convinced the TSA actually provides any measurable benefits. The shoe bomber was stopped because of a passenger, the guy who lit his groin on fire was stopped because of a passenger. Terrorists are making it through security checkpoints no problem, the best defense it seems is an informed and attentive populace. I will not concede my privacy rights to a program that provides no real benefits to me as a citizen.


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