NPR on Dubstep's 'Identity Crisis'

Suffice it to say, when I launched the Brostep Forum a little over a year ago I did not expect it to be popular, well-received, and especially didn’t expect it to reach ‘meme status.’ Regardless of that, I’m glad it did – and, honestly, I’m glad the name aggravates people; that was kind of the idea from the get go. Its a perfectly eponymous name for an overly self-referencing style of music.

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Free Downloads for XMAS

A ton of awesome music being given out in celebration of the Christmas holiday. I’ve done my best to link as much of it as I can recall below and will do what I can to update this as more become available. Thanks to all the esteemed producers who made these available. Enjoy, and have […]

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RA.238 : BenUFO

In the words of David Rodigan, “No Intro.” Christmas comes a few days early with the latest Resident Advisor podcast from one of the top selectors of the year in Hessle Audio’s BenUFO. As standard, click over to Resident Advisor for the short interview always worth the read. Click here to download (Direct Link) Full […]

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XI – Nitelite (Free Download)

Ahead of his 31-Jan release on UK based Orca Recordings, XI is giving away a new track titled ‘Nitelite.’ You may remember XI following our recent coverage of his excellent contribution to the HotFlush Podcast series. Along with the release was sent along the following promo video titled ‘Sleepwalking – viewable beneath the fold. Download […]

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Beatport Co-Founder Accused of Anti-Competitive Practices

According to an article on Resident Advisor this morning, Beatport’s Brad Roulier stands accused by another Denver nightclub owner of leveraging Beatport’s position to provide exclusive bookings in the Denver, CO area. According to the article the two previously worked together in the promotional realm through 2007, before separating and starting rival clubs. Surely there is more […]

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2562 In The Mix for URB

With both [2562 and A Made Up Sound] I will try to stray from the path and see how far the audience is willing to come with me. I’m not there to spoil everyone’s evening, so I’m happy to play an all-house or all-bass set if it suits the occasion best. As long as it’s […]

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Roska : The Essential Mix

By now Roska(RoskaRoskaRoskaRoska) needs no introduction, and the Atlanta followers of this blog know first-hand the excellent DJ abilities possessed by UK Funky’s defacto godfather. As with any artist to grace the Essential Mix airwaves, Pete Tong and company always seem to catch them at the top of their game, at a moment where their style […]

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Bleep Top100 Gift Card On Sale

The crew over at Bleep are once again offering their Top 100 Songs of the Year gift card, which for US$50 provides you downloads of their annual Top 100 in 320k MP3 format. Last years version contained tracks by such favorites of mine as Ramadanman, Falty DL, Harmonic 313, Robert Hood, Untold and The Black […]

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