Heated Podcast 003: Tilman

Earlier in the week, the good people at Heat Promotions posted the latest in their semi-irregular podcast series. This time, they have tapped Tilman, a veteran of Heat’s sister label Two Circles Records for a very smooth mix a little lighter than some of the fare I have been posting here recently. This is definitely […]

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Ratko Mladić Arrested

Without the need for a NATO intervention or  challenge to national sovereignty, world news sources are announcing the arrest Ratko Mladić, the mastermind behind the Srebrenica Massacre during the Bosnian War of the 1990s. My disdain for the handling of the conflict, especially the Srebrenica Massacre is something I have mentioned on this site before; the international […]

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Butterz June ZIP

Seriously, the amount of quality music coming from grime label Butterz is unimaginable, especially considering they almost give away as much free music as Napster did in the late 90s. One of the label’s highlights has been their monthly ZIP file, featuring a bunch of freebies from the likes of Royal-T, TRC, S-X, and other […]

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Bassfaced Cloudcast: Rodan

This past Monday, the good people of Bassfaced posted their weekly Cloudcast series curated this week by good friend of mine and the Embassy crew, DJ Rodan from New Paltz, NY. As noted in their interview, my first encounter with Rodan was at Dub War NYC about this time last year, where shortly afterwards I […]

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VIVEK – Pulse / Roots (MEDI37)

The following review originally appeared in the past issue of Big Up Magazine, I have reposted it here for posterity. Please be sure to continue Big Up by reading online or getting yourself an extremely affordable subscription:

Deep Medi Musik continues its exploration of deep quintessential sounds with its latest from V.I.V.E.K. Already well-established on the label with “Kulture” b/w “Meditation Rock” and the Feel It EP, V.I.V.E.K. expounds this with two tracks, distinctly pure dubstep in contrasting ways.

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Two Toronto Trips

It has been a number of days since my last update here, and not for lack of updates. As noted in the previous post, I have been fortunate enough to step away from real life for a moment and enjoy some much-needed and well overdue vacation time visiting friends in NYC, Western NY and two […]

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Culture Dox 13 : Scuba

The Copenhagen electronic music venue Culture Box presents Culture Dox 013 featuring an interview with Scuba aka. SCB (UK) plus Sepalcure (US) and Sigha (UK) of Hotflush Recordings. Culture Dox is a line of short documentaries featuring interviews and performances by international guest artists.

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