The Believer Interviews Trey Anastasio

 I try to picture this one person having their own experience, and I picture them way in the back of the room. And I try to remember how insignificant my experience is, and how people’s experiences with music are their own thing.

So a lot of people don’t understand Phish‘s music, think their fans are ridiculous, and a bunch of other stuff that I’m not really interested in talking about here. I don’t hold that against anybody because it’s no big secret there is a lot of music and music fans I am not particularly fond of myself. But anybody who has any true connection to music will undoubtedly take at least one thing away from this excellent interview with Phish’s guitarist Trey Anastasio featured in The Believer Magazine.

Even if you don’t care for their music, no independent musician today can deny their self-made success and technical ability.

The Believer Magazine Interviews Trey Anastasio



6 thoughts on “The Believer Interviews Trey Anastasio

  1. These guys really are next level when it comes to improvisation. Anybody who is a performer, musician, or involved in live music production should be paying attention to what these guys have been doing for 20 years.


  2. It’s when I start applying my own fucked-up perspective to a show—so I had a bad day, whatever—that I start adding judgment to it. i love this quote it is like life we need to get out of our own way and enjoy everything around us


  3. “…all so they could get the hell out of the way because no one gives a crap about them at all. The less you notice them the better it sounds.” It is all about the music!!!! I have a new found crush on Mr. Anastasio, great article. Thanks!!!


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