Twitter finds NYC's 'Happy Place'

One of the most interesting applications of Twitter is not the social networking aspect, instead, the sheer amount of data the platform generates and the potential to mine the data to identify and solve problems or uncover interesting facts.

Another excellent example of data mining and data visualization is in this map that purports to show New York City‘s ‘happiest’ place overlaying geotagged tweets and developing a heat-map using keywords, using labMT scoring, are associated with positive or negative emotions.

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The happiest “corner” is actually just inside the western edge of Central Park, where the intersection of 7th and 77th would be (this is just north of the lake and east of the Hayden Planetarium)*. This corner elicits tweets with a relatively high abundance of the positive words “loves” and “sky”, and proportionally less negative words like “not”, “fear” and “no”. Many of the happiest locations actually fall within Central Park!