Musicians' Guide to Social Media

Social Media / Social NetworksAn excellent treatise on acceptable and effective use of social media for musicians from a good friend, musician, Tricil; one of the few people in Atlanta I can talk shop to regarding the ins and outs of social networking. Too often artists come off sounding self-absorbed or spammy, obviously not their goal but the damage it causes their brand and image can be difficult to reverse.

Perhaps a bit long of a read for those who have been effectively navigating the worlds of Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud, it is still a worthwhile piece that probably should be read by every rapper and grime artist I’ve ever tried to follow on Twitter.

Through understanding the differences in different social networks operate, how they present information, and how presentation affects conversion musicians can easily leverage the power of social networks to build a stronger and more engaged audience even in the down-time between releasing music and performing.

Much thanks to Tricil for writing this up, and additionally his knowledge and support in helping grow my own site effectively.

How To Use Social Media If You’re A Band or Unknown Artist [via Tricil]

tl;dr version: Don’t Crosspost, Don’t Overshare, Never Follow Everyone Back, and Your Facebook is Not Your Website.