A Brief History of Freaknik

Complex Magazine writer Angel Elliot gives a good history of Freaknik, the now defunct Spring Break festival organized by Atlanta’s historically black universities. Being from Atlanta, and growing up when this took place my frame of reference is unique, but this was an enjoyable read. despite the myriad typographical and spelling errors.

Once largely ignored by the city of Atlanta, Freaknik steadily grew in size and soon local officials were desperately trying to organize the sexually charged mêlée by adding a career fair, concession stands along Auburn Avenue, and community basketball games. They even attempted name changes like the Sweet Auburn Festival and Black College Weekend, but their efforts were all in vain. By 1992, the little picnic had turned into a full-on street party without inhibitions, boasting some 200,000 attendees over-running almost every part of the city, and crowding out residents and workers who made their living there. Thus, the legend of Freaknik was born.

The Oral History Of Freaknik [via Complex]

Thanks to Alex Burkat for sharing the link