EVEREMAN Documentary

Evereman LogoA well-timed post from Catlanta today; a 5 minute documentary on Atlanta street-artist EVEREMAN whose iconic wood stencils have been a part of Atlanta street art for as long as I can remember.

In the video EVEREMAN shares thoughts emphasizing the value of collaboration, and the role underground street-art plays into the city’s cultural identification.

A wonderful companion article to the ABV Gallery / Terminal West article shared last week, putting the spotlight on Atlanta’s growing street-art community.

Learn more about Atlanta street art by visiting some of the artists below:

EVEREMAN [ Blog | Facebook | Twitter ]
Catlanta [ Facebook | Twitter ]
ABV Gallery

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Video : Distal @ Bass Church

Hurry up and wait seems to be the theme around here lately. I have a number of updates for the website pending but have been busy the past few weeks both in and outside of Atlanta. After a heinous 7 hr drive to Charlotte, NC (typically 4 hr maximum) Distal and I finally arrived at The Fillmore for an interesting night at Bass Church hosted by Mindelixir.

I stitched together some clips of the evening in the video linked on Vimeo below, with clips of Distal’s Angry Acid‘ and ‘French Science both forthcoming on Tectonic as well as a deep collab cut from Commodo and Lurka

Thanks to all our Charlotte crew, HeyWhoreHey, KT Caustic, Buckmaster, BLNGxBDGT and everybody else who helped make it a huge night for us visiting.

Distal – Live at Bass Church from Owen / shrtstck on Vimeo.

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Remembering Jack Kevorkian

Today sees the passing of one of modern history’s great champion for personal freedom and human rights, Jack Kevorkian. I understand my politics at times are difficult for some to understand but hear me out before you dismiss this post based on what is not really a controversial statement at all. Known to many as […]

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