Dining Out: Tex's Tacos

It is probably not much of a secret anymore; I have a favorite food truck, and judging by the lines whenever I am there to get my fix, I am not alone.

Tex’s Tacos has quickly come on the Atlanta Food Truck scene separating itself from Yumbii by offering more traditional southwestern offerings including a wonderful pastor taco and what is the most memorable carne asada I’ve had in years.

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Dining Out: Chung Dam

I don’t know why I waited so long to try Korean BBQ, and yes I know it’s but a small subset of Korean cuisine, but there is something primal for me about cooking meat over fire and putting it directly into your mouth. There is definitely no shortage of Korean BBQ options in Atlanta, and fortunately they […]

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Dining Out: Anis Cafe & Bistro

This is a review I probably should have done long ago, and for no real good reason I have not been eating here as much as I used to however… I digress. Let us talk a moment about an under-hyped Buckhead mainstay. Located behind Pharr Road on quiet Grandview Ave. Located in a small house with an extensive covered porch, Anis is a quaint location that serves lunch and dinner from a small neighborhood location. Even when busy, it never seems to loud providing a wonderful outdoor dining experience, weather permitting. As with any place. Anis does not have the city’s most diverse and deep menu however I often find this is the trademark of any serious kitchen. Do a handful of dishes and do them extremely well.

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Dining Out: Umaido Ramen

Looking at the posts from other Atlanta-area food bloggers, I can’t pretend to have found this one on my own however, earlier this week to Suwannee to experience the ramen at Umaido, as it was a rainy respite from the oncoming summer. Let me preface this with stating that I am a relative neophyte to ramen, […]

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