CB: The Worst Mobile App I've Ever Used

A majority of the people on this app sound like real life incarnations of King of the Hill character Boomhauer, and I would not be too surprised if that assessment was mostly accurate. There are paid features for this app, totaling an absurd $10, you can identify people who were absent minded enough to make this mistake through their green pins identifying them on the map.

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Day One

Day One has a straight-forward, and great looking app on both OS X and iOS, allowing you to add photos, geolocations, and weather to journal entries, additionally providing synchronization between devices by using your iCloud or Dropbox accounts so your posts show up the same regardless of which device you using to create, or subsequently revisiting your entries.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas for iPad

Developer Loud Crow Interactive has created this adaptation of the timeless “A Charlie Brown Christmas” special in an iPad friendly format. Impressed with conventional books on the iPad, and the well accepted quality of iPad video, I’ll definitely pick this up for myself. Say what you will about Christmas hype – I’ll always love watching this, and the animated […]

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BBC iPlayer bound for iOS

As reported on MacDailyNews and the FinancialTimes today, the BBC is planning on releasing its popular iPlayer as a standalone / subscription-based app for the iOS operating system that powers Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. Between Benji B, The Essential Mix, and Tim Westwood (purely for comedic value) the ability to backtrack old shows at […]

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