Ratko Mladić Arrested

Without the need for a NATO intervention or  challenge to national sovereignty, world news sources are announcing the arrest Ratko Mladić, the mastermind behind the Srebrenica Massacre during the Bosnian War of the 1990s. My disdain for the handling of the conflict, especially the Srebrenica Massacre is something I have mentioned on this site before; the international […]

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USDA – Culinary Spin Doctors

Dairy Management spent millions of dollars on research to support a national advertising campaign promoting the notion that people could lose weight by consuming more dairy products, records and interviews show. The campaign went on for four years, ending in 2007, even though other researchers — one paid by Dairy Management itself — found no […]

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Oysters Love Crude Oil

For all my seafood and shellfish loving friends, I am similarly concerned about the state of good food as a consequence of Deepwater Horizon spilling tonnes of oil into  the Gulf of Mexico.  Fortunately, this wonderful film reel explains how much our beloved bivalves appreciate living in oil infested waters. Skip ahead to the 9:00 […]

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Memorial Day 2010

Let us not forget why we take time away from our normal routine today; it is to honor the memory of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in representing our country and ensuring the freedoms we enjoy on a day-to-day basis.

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General Motors : I hope GMAC didn't teach you this

General Motors has recently aired commercials noting it’s newfound success for it’s ability to repay government loans, and promises a commitment to exceed consumer expectations. The Washington Times reports however that the company is currently under investigation for repayment fraud, allegedly using TARP funds to repay government loans. I’m not going to pretend to have […]

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Wannabe Veeps

If you had told me a week and a half ago that I would have nothing to say about the presidential debate at Ole Miss and would end up writing a semi-political post to my blog about the Vice Presidential selection I would have been disappointed and probably wouldn’t have believed you. However, before we […]

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